Using carNAVi on the road
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How can I set a more dynamic map zoom?

The Autozoom function of carNAVi is set by default to a maximum zoom level of 1.2km. This setting is quite conservative and makes the automatic zoom good for all driving porposes.

If you are very often driving in city traffic and would like to see more of your sorrounding area while driving quite slow, change the max. autozoom level to 2km or 3km.

The result is, that the unit will zoom faster (view more map area) if you drive lower speeds.

How to change:

Go to Menu - Settings - Advanced - Navigation - Page 3

Select Max. between 2km and 5km gives good results for city driving.
The higher you set Max., the faster the unit will zoom out, if you speed up.

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Last update: 2010-07-07 10:27
Revision: 1.6