Using carNAVi off-road
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What do to if I want to use the navi off road?

carNAVi is working on any place on Earth. Depending on your installed maps it can be useful to change some settings to have a more acurate results in using your navi.

If you are visiting places that are not covered by any digital map - the place is not in your map - we would suggest to turn off the 'lock on road' function. This function usually helps you to locate your position while driving and snap the position marker on the nearest road in the map.

While in off-road usage - or if you are collecting new roads - this function is disturbing a correct position location on th emap, if still some roads are near to your current position.

So turning off this function is helpful. -> select 'Menu" - 'Settings' - 'Advanced' - 'Navigation'

On page 2 of the Navigation settings you find the 'lock on road' setting.

Storing of waypoints if of course working in this mode as well, so before you go hiking, for example, store the position of your car and turn on the track recording function, this makes sure, you will not get lost and always know your way back. Beside this you can also reset one of the trip computer, see 'Menu' - 'Display' - 'Dashboard' to have an acurate information about your trip, like walking time, distance etc.

For having a longer battery life, you can change the backlight settings. Usually the backlight of your screen is set to 'always on', changing this to 'off after 1min' for example will give you longer battery life as well as selecting a lower backlight level:
-> from the Main Menu (after turning on the unit) select 'System' - 'Backlight'

Don't forget to turn 'lock on road' on again and change the backlight settings back to 'always on', before you start using the carNAVi for normal driving again!

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