Map update & installation
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How to fix indexing error after installing more maps.

After installing additional maps, especially large maps like Austria or Netherlands, the indexing process hangs or stops with an error message (not enough memory).

This problem occurs on some older units with 2GB memory card, which are formatted in FAT filesystem.

Solution is to Backup the entire card first, then reformat the SD card with FAT32 filesystem with a cluster size of 8192Bytes and then restore the backup. Important is also to name the SD card 'carNAVi'.


  1. Use carNAVi Backup to create a full backup of your SD card on your PC, download carNAVi Backup here.
  2. Format the SD card with FAT32 filessystem and cluster size of 8192Bytes, for example open a command line and enter:
       FORMAT e: /fs:fat32 /a:8192 /v:carNAVi
             (where e: stands for the SD cards drive letter)
  3. Restore the backup and insert the card back into the navigation unit.
  4. Now indexing shall run properly, if not, delete the .idx file from the map folder on the SD card and run the navigation software again.


1 Windows XP doen't offer the selection of the cluster size in the graphical format tool, so use the command line to format the SD card instead.

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