Map update & installation
ID #1070

Potential false postive virus alarm

We received reports that some users across the network were receiving Norton Antivirus alerts about an intrusion or virus alert while downloading a carNAVi map update or map installer assuming that the map updater has been infected possibly by a virus or malware.

We have confirmed that this is a false positive with 100% certainty, caused by the patch algorythm the carNAVi map updater uses. Our map updates are using a special technology to reduce the download size, which some sensible Antivirus programs assume to be a virus.

All our software has been carefully scanned using several latest and modern Antivirus software, and it's definitely clean.

We are working on a solution on this and reported the false positive to the Norton team. In the meantime just ignore it or deactivate your Antivirus software for the time of map updating.

You may also check the authenticity of the download by comparing the MD5 checksum, which is listed for each file in the download database. A free program to check the MD5 sum is available at

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