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How can I connect my carNAVi with a PC

Switch on your carNAVi (stay in the first menu, that appears) and connect the unit using the included USB cable to your PC. After a moment a screen with two icons appears. Select the 'computer connection' icon by tapping it on the touch screen of your carNAVi. This switches the unit into 'mass storage mode'

After a moment you can check 'My Computer' folder on your Windows PC and you will see a drive named 'carNAVi'. The assigned drive letter is also listed there.

Note: Depending on your computers hardware configuration the drive letter can be different.

Now open the removable drive 'carNAVi', you will some folders, the folder 'UserData' contents Audio and Video folder, if you want to copy music (mp3 files), copy the file to the 'Audio' folder, for videos use the 'Video' folder. Also are your exported waypoints located there.

The folder 'Tracks' contains your recorded tracks.

The folder 'Map", "Navi' and 'System' belongs to the navigation software and should not be touched. Remember that manipulation of these folders is not covered by the manufacturers warranty!

Alternativly you can remove the SD card from your carNAVi - make sure that it is switched off - and use your SD card reader to copy or remove audio/video files, copy exported waypoints or tracks.

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