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How to pair a music device with carNAVi using Bluetooth

carNAVi supports music devices like MP3 player / iPod's or celluar phones with a Bluetooth headset profile.
To pair (connect) those devices to your carNAVi, you need to follow these steps:

1. Turn on Bluetooth of both the Music Device (cellular phone/ mp3 player) and your carNAVi.

2. Select the Bluetooth option of your carNAVi from the main menu, enter a new PIN and tap on "PAIR'.

3. On your Music Device, search for the Bluetooth signal of the carNAVi (myPVdevice) then CONNECT.

4. Enter the passcode (pin) from the carNAVi into your music device or cellphone.

5. Once connected, using your Music Device, select any song and select PLAY.

6. An option usually will appear on your Music Device mainly making you choose if you would want the music to play using the Music Device or the carNAVi.

7. Click the BLUETOOTH Symbol on your Music Device to use the carNAVi as the output for the music.

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