Software issues
ID #1049

The screen freezes after a while

While driving and following a route the carNAVi's position seams to freeze on the map, the voice prompter still gives instructions and guides you in the right direction but the screen stays on the last position it was when it froze.

It will only display the latest position when you touch the screen again. 


This problem comes from a wrong setting of the power management configuration. By default carNAVi uses an 'Always on' power scheme. If the user changes this to 'Off after x minute(s)' the mentioned problem occurs.

Please change the power setting back to always on - from the units main menu select SETTING - POWER to change the configuration.

TIP: For all day driving also the Backlight setting should be set to 'Always on', changing the backlight setting, for example to 'off after 2 minutes' is only helping to prelong the battery life, if you would like to use the navi for a long hike while recording your track and there's no need to see the navis screen.

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Last update: 2010-11-26 13:14
Revision: 1.1