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ID #1071

carNAVi Backup can´t detect S500

This minor bugfix is only necessary for using carNAVi Backup with some S 500, no other devices or functions are affected.

You are using carNAVi Backup and the program can't detect your S 500 GPS, although it is correctly conntected and you can see the removable device in 'My Computer'.

The firmware contains a minor bug, the flash memory of the unit hasn't the correct volume name.

In 'My Computer' it shows (drive letter can be different in your system):

S500 wrong volume name


This is quite easy to fix, you just need to rename the volume with the carNAVi icon to 'carNAVi'

Right click on the removable disk with the carNAVi icon and select 'RENAME', than enter 'carNAVi'.

Rename carNAVi S 500 volume

The result shall look like below (drive letter can be different in your system):

carNAVi S 500 corrected volume name

Now the carNAVi Backup should detect your device and work properly.

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Last update: 2012-09-03 11:42
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