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What is the average life of the rechargeable battery?

"If I need to replace the battery if it is no longer holding sufficient charge (like an old cellphone battery) where do I buy a replacement and what is the cost?"

Rechargable batteries do have a limited lifetime of around 500 charging cycles. But mainly the average lifetime of a Lithium-Ion battery depends very much on the usage circumstances, like temparture, complete discharging cycles etc.

The build in battery in your carNAVi can be replaced only by an authorised service partner of carNAVi.

How do you arrange carNAVi Battery Replacement Service?
Battery replacement service may be ordered via the Online Store, carNAVi's Technical Support, or your local carNAVi Dealer. Please do not send any accessories with your carNAVi. Shipping costs to send the unit back to you may apply.

How long will service take?
The service process takes approximately one week from the day your carNAVi is shipped to us if arranged through the Online Store or carNAVi Technical Support.

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