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Where shall I store my carNAVi?

Like all electronic devices your carNAVi needs some special care to prevent it's sensitive electronics from damage and helps to have a long lifespan of your unit.

Usually the units don't need special care, as long as you simply use the unit like you do with you cellphone as well, for example. But the unit is used in a likely other way than a cellphone, so we would give some special handling tips here.

In the car:

Try to avoid extreme heat, the unit and the windshield mount is designed to withstand tempertures up to 50´C, but during sunny days the temperature in a car can reach a lot higher grades. So while parking the car, especially in direct sunlight, please remove the unit and the windshield-holder and store it in a shaded place or better take the unit with you.

At home:

Main problem for electronic devices at home is usually not heat, it is the humidity here in the tropics. You should find a place for your electronic devices that is aircon'ed from time to time, this reduces the humidity in the room and also in the devices. High temperatures reduces the livetime of LiON batteries, so the cooler the place, the better. But a refridgerator is not a good place, that is too cold ;-)

If you have more gadgets to store at home, maybe a dry cabinet (available in camera/photo shops) would be a good investment.

Sample Dry Cabinet


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