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How to import waypoints from a Garmin GPS

Importing waypoints from a Garmin navigation device to be used in your carNAVi GPS is quite easy. This article explains the procedure for a Garmin GPS as an example:

In a Garmin GPS the waypoints are stored in the folder \Garmin\GPX in a file named current.gpx.

Garmin GPS folder view

To retreive this file, connect your Garmin GPS via USB to your computer and copy this file to your desktop, for example.

Then connect your carNAVi GPS to your computer and copy the file from your desktop to the root directoy of the internal flash memory or your SD card.

carNAVi GPS Philippines, folder view in PC

Disconnect your carNAVi and open the navigation software. Select FIND:

carNAVi Philippines GPS, map view


carNAVi Philippines GPS, find menu

In the Waypoint menu click on the extras menu (see below) and select IMPORT:

carNAVi Philippines GPS, waypoint menu

carNAVi Philippines GPS, waypoint import

Then select the MY DEVICE folder, select either ResidentFlash or SDMMC depending on your system and choose the GPX file you want to import - in this example it would be 'current.gpx'.

The waypoints are now imported.

If you need further manipulation or transformation of your waypoint data, we suggest the freeware GPSBabel, a link is available at our software download center.

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