NAVITEL Navigation map - D-A-CH

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Four countries of D-A-CH maps package for Navitel Navigator with transit routing between countries and free service “Navitel.Traffic”.

Detailed navigation maps of Germany (Deutschland), Austria (Österreich), Switzerland (Schweiz), Liechtenstein for Navitel Navigator application, which includes 1 489 571 km of road network, 99 145 municipalities, 1 735 249 POI and other important information.

Navigation maps “D-A-CH” for Navitel Navigator are used to activate map package, which consists of 4 countries, transit routing between countries and online services support: Navitel.Traffic, Navitel.Friends, Navitel.Events, Dynamic POI, Navitel.SMS and Navitel.Weather.

Note: This map or program package is exclusively for the NAVITEL Smartphone App on Android, Windows Phone 7.5/8 and Blackberry Q10/Z10/Z30. It is not compatible with carNAVi devices.

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