Rechargable Replacement Battery


If your carNAVi requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, we offer a replacement battery as a spare part for your carNAVi unit. Please refer to the FAQ or the users manual how to pay attention to just a few pointers that will maximize the battery lifespan for your carNAVi.

How do you arrange Battery Replacement?
PayPal ProtectedA spare battery may be ordered via the Online Store, carNAVi's Technical Support, or your local carNAVi Dealer. We send you the spare part via regeistered mail and you can proceed for example to a local cellphone repair shop to have them replaced the battery.

How long will service take?
The service process takes approximately one to two days, but this depends on your local choice of repair service. We do not offer battery replacement service at the moment.

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