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My college buddies and I go out-of-town once in a while with our families just to "escape" Manila. We had agreed to try the beaches of La Luz in Batangas for the first time. We also decided not to convoy and just meet there. Early morning they were already texting their ETAs at La Luz. We woke up late and knew we were definitely going to be the last to arrive. As per habit, every time I go out of town, I bring my first aid kit, my DSLR Camera, my McGyver kit and since I bought my CarNAVI, it has replaced my compass. I just set the destination and followed instructions and I got there without getting lost. One of our buddies became the butt of jokes because he got lost and - really lost! He went all the way to Quezon! By the time he found us, he was dead tired already. Well I guess he learned his lesson because the last time I saw him he already had a windshield-mounted CarNAVI.
Date Added: 01/26/2011 by Sonny